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Universal dice

A letter dice for the game 'categories'

Buildup 3-5/2016
  • A dice for letters, numbers and colors.
    Don't take it seriously: Manual (german)
  • Arduino Nano for control
  • 4pc 8x8 Dot Matrix Displays, 32mm
  • Buttons, Piezo, LEDs
  • Housing made from 40mm x 40mm cable duct, 170mm long
  • As a birthday present in an individual present box for my doughter.

What is 'the categories game'? Translation from german wiki 'Stadt Land Fluss'
Who is Woozle Goozle

Alphabet letter dice 3001
Universal dice 3001

The dice in action
Present box
Woozle Goozle with universal dice 3001
  • DC-DC converter ca. 1€
  • Arduino Nano (Clone) ca. 2€
  • 4 LED Matrix Module (MAX7219) for ca. 7€ from China.

I made it easy for me and programed the project in the Arduino-IDE without interrupts.
Universal dice 3001 diagram


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